Can't Change My World


I was amazed. Recently I was doing my morning jog (a routine I've followed for 30+ years). I found a surprizing bit of "chalk artistry" along the way.

It was a beautifully drawn image of a bride. The art was exceptionally good considering all she had to work with,..... a stick of sidewalk chalk.

The bride had a long flowing gown with a long train. Her face was detailed and wonderfully beautiful.

Along side the image was a saying "emerald cut or oval cut..... diamonds are a girl's best friend".

I instantly knew someone had some very big dreams, perhaps just a few years away.

Next I read another saying. It was in extra BOLD lettering. This is what I read;"NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE MY WORLD"

Then I could imagine this young girl's special dreams....... "he'll give me a diamond....we'll get married and live in a beautiful house....we'll be very happy...we''ll have a family".... and so on and so on!!!!

"NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE MY WORLD" right? Unfortunately dreams come crashing to the ground. People get heart broken. Life falls apart and promises are devastated.

Young people don't yet know about cliffs and valleys and explosions and firestorms of life.

Oh God I can't control my world, I can't avoid disappointments or even death in the family.

Please Lord get me through the valley of the shadow of loss, hurt, war, evil, hate and all the other losses of life.

Lord I'm putting you in charge of my world because it is out of my control.

I wonder who the chalk artist really is and if she has anyone to help her learn this lesson and guide her through the heartaches to come.

Oh by the way, the next day when I ran past the sayings on the sidewalk they were gone. The evening rain had washed them all away. Her dreams were gone.