Stump Beach


Pam and I had a brief weekend getaway to celebrate Valentine's Day a little early. We went to Stump Beach on the Somoma Coast about 20 miles north of Bodega Bay.

This was another exceptionally warm winter day of about 61 degrees with no wind and no clouds in the sky. We took a blanket and enjoyed the sun and even got a little sunburn. It was a great time to relax and enjoy God's beautiful creation.

This was a favorite beach we had visited over 10 years ago when we lived in Petaluma. On our first trip to the beach we saw it was littered with tree stumps of all shapes and sizes. It was a natural to name it appropriately "Stump Beach State Park". There were 100's of stumps everywhere.

They were not just scattered around on top of the sand but rooted deeply in the sand and rocks. At one time they were growing as part of the landscape. BUT NOT ANYMORE ! !

They need to rename the beach "NO STUMP BEACH". We could not find even a remnant of a stump. Walking down the hill to "NO STUMP BEACH" we could not believe our eyes. "Where did they go?" "What happened to all the tree stumps?" "When did this catastrophic storm wipe the beach clean?"

Pam and I taked about this for quite some time. The name still stands as Stump Beach State Park but what will first time visitors think? They will be shocked if they expect to see any stumps at all.

I suspect they will come up with a new name "NO STUMP BEACH" The beach had a seascape transformation ! !

Like people whose lives are littered with the stumps of problems, addictions, and more, the storms of life can be theraputic. A great massive storm can clean the beach of all debris.

When a person cries out to God in a crisis the evil stumps of corruption get uprooted and the life transformed. After that" Stump Beach" gets a new name. Do you have a new name?

I hope you are living a "NO STUMP LIFE". If not, a massive storm could quickly solve that problem, but please don't wait for a tsunami.

Take your stumps to the Lord before the storm. A "NO STUMP LIFE" can be and is a very beautiful life.