Yes they always seem to go together in some strange way.

It happened not long ago! I was opening the church mail addressed to me. WOW! What a great surprize. There it was staring me in the face. Two very large checks from two anonymous and hugely generous donors.

I could hardly believe my eyes. Especially since Cornerstone was down to its very last 247.00 dollars in the general fund. Now I'm holding a check for 5000.00 dollars for our empty checkbook. This was a huge blessing at just the right time. (How did God know about our empty bank account?) STUPID ME !

But the other check also came at just the right time too. It was for our youth program and WOW! We needed that money too. Pastor Mark takes our kids on their annual houseboat trip to Shasta Lake in June. Funniest thing the huge deposit must be paid in January (or no trip) for our most important ministry of the year. The second check more than covered all that was needed. (How did God know our youth budget was also empty?) STUPID ME!

So while I am holding these two enormous checks in hand the phone rings and it is bad news. Extra bad news. It was not a death but it felt like it for some important people in our church family. On one hand I am jumping for the celestial ceiling and on the other hand I am scraping myself off the floor.


They often go hand in hand. They keep us in balance. They keep us focused on the Lord. One great need solved and another great need realized. What should we do?

Rejoice with those who can rejoice and grieve with those who must grieve. The Lord gives and the lord takes away. So we bless God no matter what and thank Him no matter what.

Perhaps you know what I mean because you are now facing both the blessings and burdens at the same time. It is so humbling to be in that spot. Right?

How does God know we need those things hitting us at the same time? STUPID ME!