Head On---brain Off


Apparently I had turned my "BRAIN OFF" last week when Pam and I went to Stockton.

I was busy talking and looking off into the field when I drifted off into the double yellow line. Suddenly I found myself heading over the line into on coming traffic, lots of it!!!

I awoke from my A.D.D. just in time to swerve back into my own proper lane to avoid a "HEAD ON" collison.


I always thought I was a good driver but now I'm not so sure. It is easy to drift, lapse off, day dream, lose concentration when we get too comfortable.

A.D.D. happens to everyone at some point or time in the day. It is especially dangerous on the highway.

I'm thinking that there is also a kind of spiritual A.D.D. that happens causing us to drift off course from God. There are great dangers for bad spiritual drivers not paying attention to where they are going.

The New Year 2012 is already here and life's problems have a way of leading into on coming traffic with deadly consequences.

Make sure God is driving and not you as you travel down HIGHWAY 2012 this year. He never has a HEAD ON ---BRAIN OFF day.

When you let Him do the driving you can be certain of your destination and you're not too tired to enjoy the scenery along the way. That way you will never get lost.

Have a successful trip through the highways in the New Year.