Christmas Stress Test


You can pass the stress test from all the hype,anxiety and non-sense of the holiday rush.

Everyone can get all pushed out of shape by the sales and lists and parties at home and the office. So be proactive and get your focus right before you get sucked into the stress of the season.

Here are a few suggestions to win the battle over stress.

First: Choose to "do all to the glory of God". Whatever is on your list do it for HIM!

Second: Plan your giving without any regard to receiving in return. Lower your expectations and don't expect others to give back to you.

Third: Focus on the purpose of Christmas and remember that it is HIS BIRTHDAY and not yours.

Fourth: Prioritize your list so that God is put on top as the first of importance. This means putting God first in giving and going to worship HIM.

Fifth: Pray about everything as it says in 1Thes.5:1. Prayer is great at relieving stress every time. IF you are still stressed then PRAY all over again and again until you finally turn it over to GOD.

Sixth: Complaining is a terrible thing and it adds so much stress to our lives. Above all else stop it and go back to praying again. Replace grumbling with prayer. It really works so go ahead and do it.

Finally: Just relax and rest in God. He invites you to come to HIM and receive His peace. Remember at Christmas He is the Prince of Peace. So let HIM be your Prince.

OK there is my Christmas list of suggestions for you. If this doesn't work then the Bible isn't true, but you know it is, so go on and do what you know will be a great blessing for you.