Caramelized Walnuts


Take a generous supply of walnuts, cover them with 1/2 pound of butter (don't say anything), with lots of brown sugar and bake them in the oven.

Heaven on earth!! Watch out!! I could eat the entire batch without even stopping to drink my extra large glass of milk.

Now that is a snack to fill my stomach after I have watched a few teaching episodes of my favorite communicator, Andy Stanley.

However these tasty little morsels don't just suddenly appear on the table for anyone to enjoy. They are hand made with love and attention. That love and attention comes from only one person.

I think you already know that person is my best friend, wonderful cook, beautiful lover and dedicated servant of the Lord, and to me also.

These tasty treats and my terrific mate remind me of that special verse penned by the apostle Paul in Romans chapter 12. This is what he wrote: "Honor one another above yourselves."

I enjoy not only the caramelized delicacies, but so much more love and tender kindness because Pam practices putting me first in our marriage.

Her special affection makes my role such a great delight and I want to be a better mate to her because of all I experience from her fantastic spirit of giving.

I think the apostle Paul had much more in mind than marriage. His words extend to every relationship. They model the very essence of Jesus' life and ministry.

Make the investment yourself and like me you will discover the dividends are so much greater. What if every believer practiced this principle. I think our churches would be overflowing with people wanting to know the very secret of personal success.

Oh yes, don't forget, the caramelized nuts. They are fantastic and yummy delicious!