Recent Surgery


Yes it happened to me. For five years I took meds to stave off the effects of prostate enlargement. Finally I needed to take action and my doctor did a great job of TURP. That stands for Transurethal Resection of the Prostate. After less than a week now I am healing up really fine and should be back in the office shortly. To give you a little play on words I will say that I have been wonderfully "relieved".

This was my first real surgery and I am so pleased with the results. A two hour surgery resulted in about 5 hours in the hospital with no overnight required. I received great care, lots of personal attention (doting over me every minute) and the wonderful loving service of my beautiful wife.

I look back at the surprising blessings which came from my first time ever surgery. I started out with a cold sneaking up on me and the instruction manual read "you will be canceled if you have a cold." Thankfully I was not cancelled and in fact my cold ended on Tuesday (I had surgery on Monday).

All my symptoms ended in the hospital, no more sneezing, coughing, stuffy nose, or sore throat. They were all gone. It was miraculous! (Unfortunately, Pam got my cold, and worse than I when I came home from surgery Monday night).

The doctor gave me the latest procedure which reduced any major bleeding to a very little loss of blood. Thank God once more for healing.

Another special blessing was the moments of personal sharing together with Pam that made our marriage even more stronger than it was before. Going under anesthesia always makes you aware of being totally out of control. This procedure of unconsciousness was the catalyst that drew Pam and I even closer together. That was an unexpected blessing for which we thank God.

Another great blessing was the little "codeine" version for my pain relief. I really only needed a few tablets but what a joy it produced every time I took one of those cute little euphoria pills. Yes I really had the"joy of the codeine" to fill my cup to overflowing. I joked to my friends that when I was finished I would start a new Codeine Recovery 12 Step Program.

I waited so long for this procedure. I am now asking myself WHY? Why wait five years to struggle and groan when I could have done this so much earlier?

I think God asks us the very same question. Why wait? "Come to me all you who are weary, heavy burdened, struggling with life's problems....I will give you rest." Why wait?