Jury Duty


It is the privlege I love to hate. First of all I never get selected. Pastors are routinely rejected. They are the "persona nongrata" in the jury box. I guess they are too rigid in beliefs, too black and white in morals, or too different from the norm to be wanted by either side of the attorneys.

I received the typical summons and date with instructions to call after 5 p.m. the night before I was to appear.

This kind of appointment is always hard because the next day is such a wipe-out. I can't make definite appointments or plan to accomplish anything significant in the office because, well, I might not be there.

So I was not needed on the first, second or third day. I was asked to call after 11 a.m. for more instructions.

So I am learning all over again. Life is uncertain. I am not really in control. I cannot predict the outcome of any days events. So I guess I could say my "duty" as a juror is just to be on call, be ready, and be available at any time.

Hmm......sounds like a spiritual lesson emerging in my life. Am I ready when God calls me? Am I ready when God gives me an appointment? Am I ready to serve Him, obey Him, and go when He says go.

So now I called after 11 a.m. In fact I made many calls and couldn't get through until 12:04 p.m. Guess what the voice mail man said. "Show up at 12:30 p.m." Wow, that's less than a half hour!

Can they really do that to a person?

After calling a real office person, she graciously gave me a new solid appointment. It was a definite time to come. No calling, no voice mails, no waiting, no wondering what next. Now at least I know what is expected.

Ok, God--- I am available for Your plans. They are much more exciting and fulfilling and I will be called for a definite reason not to sit and wait and finally be rejected by the jury people who always do that to pastors. I can count on You. Thank God!