Limits And Margin


Our Leadership Team just saw a great vidio series about limits by Andy Stanley. Here are a few things I learned.

  1. Everone has limits, if you don't set them someone else will and you won't like the results.

  2. Our limits should reflect space for us to have some margin. Margin gives us room to do other things like relax and receive the unexpected and have a quiet conversation with family and others withour being pushed. Also margin gives us time to see what God is doing in our lives.

  3. Stress is one of the big results of not having any margin in our lives. I get stressed out emotionally, physically, spiritually and especially with emphasis....FINANCIALLY!!!!! when margin is gone.

  4. Relationships suffer because we have precious little time for them. No margin-- no time left for important people in our lives.

  5. Finally when I have no margin left then God also gets squeezed out. We all know what that feels like. God is the one who holds it all together and I sure need Him before everything crashes big time.

Now I am working on setting limits and making margin in my life happen.