Temporary Change


And now for a commercial announcement....... We are getting the word out in as many ways as possible.

Sunday Worship will temporarally change to a new location for a few weeks this summer while the Middle School is being remodeled.

Starting Sunday June 5th 10 A.M. we will meet at Nichols Elementary School at 1301 S. Crescent Ave. This is very near the Carl's Jr. on Kettleman St. In fact Crescent runs into Kettleman at Carl's Jr.

Most Sunday's we will meet at this school for June and July. But there are two exceptions. June 12th and July 3rd will be Outdoor Worship and BBQ events.

June 12th our time changes to 5P.M. at Peterson Park for an outreach to park attenders. This will be Music and BBQ with Testimonies and gospel presentation. NO 10 A.M. SERVICE only one 5 P.M. outdoor ministry. We hope this change will be a great way to connect with our community. We encourage our own folks to come and bring potluck dishes to enhance the BBQ meal for everyone.

July 3rd is Independance Day weekend. That Sunday will be our annual outdoor event at 2411 Diablo Dr. We will also do a BBQ and Worship Celebration at 10 A.M.

All other Sunday's the church will meet at Nichols Elementary on Crescent Ave. Plan to join us for our summer ministry. ........ and now back to our regular programing.