Sad Day You----- Know What I Mean !


What a sad day for Christians. The May 21st fiasco was so very sad for believers. No one knows the mind of Christ or the day of rapture or day of judgment.

The atheists, comedians, skeptics, journalists and all doubters in general had a big day making fun of very serious coming events on God's calendar.

Yes, Mr. Camping was so very wrong! Yes, he brought ridicule to the name of Christ!

Yes, we need to pray for him!

One good thing! Mr. Camping did believers a favor by reminding us that the rapture is real and will really come some day in God's own secret time.

We can get excited about God's coming promise. We can live each day as though He will soon return. We do have a fantastic future and it is on the horizon.

We will meet again, here, there, or in the air!