Getting Close


Only a week away and our Haiti Team leaves for an exciting adventure with God.

Thank you for praying. Please continue to pray. God is answering prayers for the team. Our team members Justin and Nina Fischer are now only a few hundred dollars short of the needed amount.

Our airfare went up at the last moment and each member of the team had to come forth with another 300. dollars. But all money has come in except the last 300. dollars for the Fischers. Please pray and God will hear no doubt!

We have a very eventful trip just days away. I heard from the Pastor Marc-Hancy of Merceron. This is the village where most of our outreach will take place. He said they have a new believer. He received Christ and now will be getting married when we are in the village along with another four couples who are and have become believers.

The newly committed Christian after being saved burned his down to the ground on purpose. Here is the reason. It was built and dedicated to Satan. He was into the ways of witchcraft. When he found Jesus he got rid of all things belonging to Satan and the demons. This was a very bold step of faith but it freed him from sleeping in Satan's house. God is powerful to free the prisoners of Satan.

His new life prompted other family members to accept Christ also. What a blessing and challenge to totally give everything up and start over with God.

We will have an opportunity to meet this bold man and congratulate him on putting God first.

Please plan to join us on Sunday March 20th 10AM at Cornerstone when our team gives a report of what God did through our ministry. Come see our slides and rejoice with us over victories in this village.

We are bringing sermons, testimonies, stories of faith, children's crafts and games, soccer balls, blankets, flashlights, N.T. Bibles, gifts for visiting in the village, medications and most of all God's love to pass out to everyone we meet.

Our faith is strong and we are prayed up and ready to go serve and learn how to bless others. Will you stand with us this special week of March 11-18.

Thank you for all the supplies, finances, gifts and prayers you have already given. We will bring back many blessings to share.