The Nutcracker


Over the holidays Pam and I went to see the Nutcracker at the historic Paramount Theatre in Oakland.

We had a special reason for making the trip. My niece was dancing in the starring role as Marie. Also my sister from West Virginia came many miles through winter snow storms to see her daughter perform the lead role.

We were all bursting with pride and excitement to see our beautiful family member achieving a life long dream (she is the ripe old age of 21 years) come true.

But no one just walks onto the stage and into a starring role to become an overnight success in the ballet world.

Behind the scenes Steph has worked many hard long hours, attended many schools of ballet, studied under many dance instructors and paid a very high price in self discipline and many others ways.

Success in the dance world is costly, very costly. Achievers pay the price for success and the toll on the dancers body is enormous. I believe professional dancers careers last about 10 years or less.

Steph is a great example of personal discipline, courage to pursue your goals and total devotion to God. She is a truly committed believer. She achieved her dreams because she put God first and used her talents for Him.

We are now in the New Year already it is 2011!! What are your dreams for this year? What ever they may be remember they take courage, personal discipline and 100% devotion to God.