Manger Miracles


Christmas is so full of miracles it is impossible just to name one. WOW!

The miracle for Mary this young teenage girl to become the virgin mother of Jesus! WOW!

The miracles of many fulfilled prophecies regarding the time, place, events, people, etc. surrounding Bethlehem and the manger and the crowded inn! WOW!

The miracle of the shepherds and the angels supernatural appearance to them! What a fireworks show that was with millions of angels in the sky! WOW!

Christmas is full of miracles! Just look at the miracle which happened in your life and mine! WOW!

Jesus was born on earth and into our hearts who believe by faith! WOW!

We have received the miracle of membership in God's family, the miracle of peace on earth, the miracle of eternal life. What great miracles we have in our possession today! WOW!

Who can believe this! WOW!