I can't believe we are in the fall and close to THANKSGIVING again!

So now is the official time to be thankful. It is popular to be thankful. It is expected to be thankful. It is proper to be thankful. It is almost required to be thankful. It is rude not to be thankful. It is atheistic to not be thankful.

So everywhere you go people are thankful because it is totally expected to give thanks and count your blessings. RIGHT?

But when I read the Bible I discover that thanksgiving is to be done everyday in everyway and every problem and adversity throughout the entire year.

"In everything give thanks" all circumstances and unknown situations.

OK, now God has my attention! He wants me to learn this principle no matter what is going on in my life. Thanksgiving happens annually the 4th Thursday in November each year but God wants me to do it 365 days per year after year,after year.

Now I need supernatural help to perform this kind of miracle.

"Dear Lord please give me the faith to accept my daily activities, challenges and burdens with THANKSGIVING you ask of all believers. This is supernatural and I cannot live up to this command without your supernatural strength"

So all my friends, will you join me in this supernatural adventure and begin to give thanks no matter what happens to you? Try being thankful by faith and join me in discovering the miracle power of God this time of year.