Well it sometimes happens that way. We thought we were making a move to our own building for Worship each Sunday.

But no.... it did not happen. We had many dreams for the new location, but We were going to have Thanksgiving and Christmas in our own building, Our youth would finally have room to meet and play games and goof off in their own room, but Everything was going to be really special,but... no.

The move did not materialize because it was too expensive, I mean really too very God shut the door and we didn't have to think very long to know His answer was CLEAR TO US.

Sometimes things are not so clear but this was truly very clear.... no moving to that really perfect location and perfect new outreach. No, Nit, Nada.

So all we can do is say thank you Lord you know best. We will wait on the Lord and be content with what we have.

Do you know what I mean???