Greatest Thrill Is Doing God's Will


Our most recent Outdoor Worship Service was so evident of God's great blessing. We had such an outstanding attendance, terrific worship and great food with everyone involved as servants. This awesome day included at least 14 guests, with lots of kids in the pools and 5 individuals getting baptized. God is showing His presence in wonderful ways.

Our Mexico Team is in full preparation for the fall trip to Baja on Oct. 6-13. If you are interested email us for full details.

Our Ukraine Team is only days away from departure[July 13-25 ]. Please pray for this most important mission to Simferopol. Our burden is encouraging many believers in the spiritual battles going on in their churches. Fulfilling God's will is not always easy here at home or anywhere we serve but it is the most exciting and rewarding of all. Continue to do God's will and you will know it is the greatest thrill. P.S. You can follow our Ukraine adventure on the web. Look under "Missions" starting on or about July 15th.