Still Rejoicing Over Baja Miracles


We had so many blessings on our recent trip. It was highlighted by some real objective miracles.

Last blog I mentioned the great answer to prayer in crossing the border with hundreds of pounds of clothes. It was a miracle that we were not charged, refused, or turned around on the spot.

We also experienced the miracle of immediate healing for one of our team members suffering from kidney pain since the beginning of the trip. Halfway through our ministry his pain became very severe. Our team gathered around him, anointed him with oil, prayed for him, and the pain disappeared. He began to feel immediate release and the pain never returned. It was a true miracle from God.

Another overwhelming miracle was the reappearance of lost eyedrops. This incident is difficult to imagine but oh so very true.

My wife, Pam, lost her prescription eyedrops. They were missing for two days. These were very important because of complications regarding glaucoma and iritis. It was a stressful and fearful unknown dilemna for Pam being 700 miles from home in a foreign country and with no eye protection.

Here was the miracle. After two days, just before going to bed, the eyedrops reappeared in the very place where they had disappeared.

Previously, Pam and I had searched the bunkhouse from top to bottom and especially the location where they were last seen. Now suddenly they were back in plain sight and just waiting to be discovered and used again that night.

Here is the very special and personal lesson for Pam and for me also. "Don't ever worry about your eyes again. God will always take care of your eyesight."

We have never experienced this kind of a miracle before in the many years we have been in ministry. We stand in awe of what God did and the great blessing of assurance that He will take care of all the needs of His children.

Praise God. He is great. He does great and mighty things.