Pray Pray Much Pray In Faith


Prayer is what our Baja Mission Team really needs this week.

We are going to Baja on Saturday and will cross the border on Sunday Sept. 12th about 9AM. Here is the problem.

The mission is telling us that the border guards are not allowing extra things across the border now. This includes things like clothes, blankets, toys, gifts for children etc. These are the very things we are taking down to give to migrant farm workers.

We have a trailer full, literally to the top of contributions given by our church members and friends including about 100+ pounds of rice and beans.

Here are our choices, not take all this stuff, cut it down to a few things, try a different border crossing, pass through in the middle of the night, or pray for a miracle.

Will you help us pray for God's miracle to get everything through the guards without incident? We could lose everything or God could protect everything. Please pray for this great passage to be a great blessing from the Lord.

Thanks for being on the team as our praying partners.