Great Riches


We were on a short vacation to San Diego. we stayed in an inexpensive hotel on the bay, All around the bay were boats of all kinds from dingy's to sail boats to big boats and even much much bigger yachts. I am saying really big 30-40 million dollar SHIPS!

Also in S.D. were many wealthy people driving expensive cars, motorhomes and living in hilltop mansions which could see the bay or ocean. We were amazed at all the wealth every where we went in this beautiful seaside city of S.D.

Then I read a verse from Prov.22:1 It was a great lesson !!! It read, "A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold"

I began to think about what Solomon said---- a godly reputatin is worth more than a 40 million dollar yacht. ---- a good name makes a man richer than someone with a mansion on the hill, hmm.... hmm...

By the way the man who owned the 40 million dollar yacht was paranoid. He was afraid of being kidnapped. He had 5-6 big bold body guards surrounding him as he boarded his boat. The man lived in fear of losing his life. Extremely rich but extermely afraid of being ransomed. What a prison of wealth. Rich but always in fear of robbery extortion carjacked, "shipjacked" ETC.

In God's eyes everone who has a good name is WEALTHY. I began to realize that riches are a great prison for most people. After all value is determined by God. He gives us value, He alone sets the price of true wealth.

To be esteemed by God is the greatest and highest value of all. Solomon is really saying to us. GUARD YOUR NAME AND YOU WILL HAVE GREAT WEALTH

No wonder the Bible tells us, all can be rich in Christ. God bless you my rich brothers and sisters!