Return From Haiti


Yes, we made it back alive. It was a great , exhausting culture shock. We have been to Baja to the Mestako Indians but this was beyond that experience. We have been to the Triqui Indians and their cardboard and plastic homes but this was a greater stretch. We have been 7000 miles to Ukraine but the shock was even more difficult.

"The Earthquake" left extensive damage greater than what we saw on TV. The poverty left us sick at what people did to survive. The heat, humidity, odors, diesel fumes and hours long ride in the back of a pickup with a protective cage harboring us was the worst ride to and from our destinations. The beautiful children crowded into orphanages with little to eat was heartbreaking.

What did we enjoy? Haitian singing by kids and adults was the best blessing. They were not lamenting the loss and devastation one minute. The beautiful church with 450 people dressed in their best outfits was exhilarating. The name of this church was A SAVING STATION FOR EVERY NATION. That was one of my highlights to preach God's word to my Haitian brothers and sisters.

We immensely enjoyed the children in the four orphanages we surveyed. These kids were bright, well mannered, fun loving and full of faith and the knowledge of the Scripture. Many of them hung on our arms and touched our hair to get to know us. They also said things like "I love you" in English and "Take me home". Some had been adopted and they knew it was a real possibility for it to happen.

Even though we stayed in a nice hotel we were wrung out in sweat, heat exhaustion, long pickup truck rides through crowded traffic jams(literally hours) and long days of ministry to children. The trip was definitely worth all the expense and effort.

Out team will go back again. We will sponsor an orphanage, We will take others with us. We will pray for God's moving in the hearts of the devastated people and orphans. We will raise money to make a difference for the Lord.

Soon I will have photos on the media page for all to see. You can make a difference. Pray for the orphans and designate a sacrificial gift to Cornerstone Haiti Mission.