Please Pray


We are very close to stepping on the AA flight to Haiti.

Our team is small but very prepared to go and serve the Lord on behalf of Cornerstone.

Dale and Cher Grenie will share the ministry along with Pam and I for 5 days to the earthquake devasted region of Carrefour,Port au Prince, and Petionville. We leave Fri. May 14th.

Our mission will be visit several orphanages to meet the leaders and serve the kids in their needs. We are looking for an opportunity to eventually sponsor one of these orphanages in this region. As you know there are over 100,000 children in these very humble homes. Some are true orphans and others have been given away by parents because they cannot afford to feed and clothe them any longer.

We are taking shoes, shorts, skirts, t shirts, toys, backpacks, medications and lots of love. It will be a short stay but we hope to bring others back to help serve the orphans, their leaders and the missionaries too.

Please pray for our team to experience the power of God and share His great burden for the millions who have lost everything.

We will bring back a photo report of all we did and saw in Haiti. Also I will have the privilege to speak to a Haitian Church while there on Sunday May 16th.

You can have a ministry in Haiti also by holding us up to God for guidance and good health these next few days. Thank you!