I went to the chiropractor recently for an adjustment. I have done well with my back for many months now no problem. All winter was fine and I was totally amazed. It felt great.

But this spring! Well--- things happened, you know outside in the garden, shoveling,and pulling weeds, and raking and all the outdoor stuff took its toll.

So the back started doing its REBELING. And I really wasn't surprized. I have so much fun in the back yard that I knew sooner or later it would rebel.

So off to the chiropracter I went and got straightened out again.

Back Adjustment or Attitude Adjustment or Spiritual Adjustment. They need to be fixed.

Back adjustments are so easy (relatively speaking). In and out in fifteen minutes. Correct the malady on the short leg and everything is good to go for another month or so. Winning with a great Dr. is so fine!

Attitude adjustments are not so easy. Being lazy, or angry, or discouraged, or selfish, or hypocritical, well they take more time. After emerging from my denial it means admitting that I was wrong sinful and lazy.

Now Spiritual Adjustments would be impossible except for Jesus. "Dear Jesus please forgive me I was wrong."

Yes, those difficult words do make a miraculous difference. And they always work wonders for me.

Thank you Jesus for once again adjusting my relationship with you and others. You are the best "Spiritual Chiropractor" in the business.

I recommend Him every time.