Dump! Dump!


Take it to the dump. What a great idea! Just fill up the truck and go unload all the junk.

I recently went to the dump. It was actually quite fun standing in the back of the truck just throwing it all on the ground in the waste area of the dump.

It takes along time to clean out the garage, backyard, attic, trash heap or wherever you may keep all the bad stuff. It piles up so very fast and makes a mess in a hurry.

But it is so much fun unloading everything and it is a "power trip" throwing it all overboard, sweeping out the bed of the truck and driving away from the heavy load of garbage.

Our lives get piled up too with garbage, trash, burdens and all kinds of sin. When I pray and dump my sins overboard, sweep out my life and drive away it feels so good to be clean again.

The dump reminded me of how good it is to get the load of evil off my shoulders. I've learned that I can go to the dump everyday and get clean again.

The local dump cost me $21.00----- not too bad considering all the bad stuff I had.

I found out the price is much higher if I wait too long.

The same is true in my spirit too. Don't wait too long to get the load off your shoulders.