Resurrection Power


YES, the Easter Message is all about JESUS RESURRECTION POWER.

Easter 2010 is now history but not Jesus Power.

He promised " All power is given to me...and I will be with you always" We have Jesus and we have His power too. What a great promise.

This of course means that the resurrection power is the very same kind of power available to all of us believers. WOW!

Remember this great verse. "His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him..." 2Pet.1:3

I use that power daily. I encourage you to also use his divine power to apply to all your needs as they arise.

The tragedy is we forget or neglect to take advantage of his daily power.

Use that power when you go to work or school, when you need to solve problems and when to get upset or angry. Always call on his mighty power.

Last Sunday many people at Cornerstone signed up to draw on His might power.

I hope you will join the crowd!