Hole In Roof


Pam heard a noise on the roof not long ago. We were both asleep in bed. The noise was above our bedroom.

Pam said it was loud like something pawing its way across the rooftop and making loud noises. I didn't hear a thing. Pam woke me up "There is something on our roof". My very brilliant response was "Well I'm not going to get up and go look now".

I really didn't feel any real danger or threat and wasn't going to pull myself out of bed at some ungodly hour to peer into the dark looking for a "squirrel".

The noise persisted but Pam finally went back to sleep.

Later we found our shingles ripped off the roof and a good sized hole going down into the attic.

Sure enough a raccoon (we are guessing) with sharp claws was having fun with our cedar shingles. Yes, we had rain damage, a repair bill, and an ugly water stain on the ceiling.

It reminds me of our verse of the week. "Do not merely listen to the word, and deceive yourselves. Do what it says".

I was deceived because I didn't listen to the obvious sounds and warning signs.

When God speaks to you are you listening or not? Doing or not?

Take it from me you could pay a very high price!