It is spring almost and the weeds are here already.

I was out in my yard recently and looked at the harvest of weeds,weeds,and more weeds everywhere.

I also saw that the clover was just about ready to take over my beautiful lawn. Now I like the wonderful symmetry of the special little three and four leaf clovers but not in my front yard over running 25 sq. feet of prime lawn.

So I went down to the local hardware and picked up a bottle of weed (but not lawn) killer. After 3 applications I finally saw some results. Now I have to work on the backyard.

What do you do with weeds?

What do you do with the weeds of anger, bitterness, gossip etc. when they grow in your life and mine too?

Spring is almost here but the weeds grow all year.

God is my gardener. "Dear God please weed out the dandilions of evil words and thoughts. I want to spring ahead to grow a great harvest for you this year."