Two And One Half Years


Our friends came to church last Sunday and brought their newly adopted Haitian daughter, Claire.

Such a great blessing!! She is healthy, loving, happy, motivated and with a mind of her own. She is literally starting life over again.

It will be 100% different from the past. She was lifted out of poverty and one meal per day. She had a life with 40 other kids crowded in the group home. Her guardian was Lydie, the owner of the home and mayor of the town. Lydie is a great sacrificial Christian but who can care for 40 kids alone?

Today Claire's new life includes a wonderful Christian family with 3 terrific siblings, her own room, all the clothes she can ever wear, an abundance of food, also a special terrific church family and a Christian public school teacher who calls her parents every day.

As the Bryditzki family told their miracle story of answered prayers with God's perfect timing everyone that day marvelled. I remember hearing Scott say, "we waited TWO AND ONE HALF YEARS."

"Patient endurance is what you need now".

Dear Lord help me to be willing to wait. His answers are always worth it

God is great if you will wait. What are you waiting for?