Haitian Celebration


Amidst great devastion and tragedy there are some victories.

As you probably know five hundred orphans have been legally admitted to the U.S. immediately after the earthquake. These children were already in process when the earthquake propelled them into the loving arms of excited parents.

Pam and I have personal friends who adopted one such beautiful seven year old Haitian girl named Claire.

Claire is now with her new parents in Lake of the Pines. They will be our special guests Sunday Feb. 28th. I invite you to come and hear the great story of faith by Scott and Debbie Bryditski.

"All things work together for good to those who love the Lord." There is hope! There is joy! It can happen amidst great loss.

Many times Pam and I have seen God do great things inspite of tragedy and loss.

If you are now in one of those bad places I encourage you to "wait on the Lord" trust Him completely and hang onto faith.

Your celebration is just around the corner and God has not forgotten your needs.