Haiti Crisis


WE are all shocked at the devastation.

Many want to adopt all the orphans off the streets!

I am amazed that very little orderly goverment exists.

I want to take a team from Cornerstone to go ASAP to help show Jesus love and bring aid to the victims.

Many ask the question, WHY? I am currently preaching on the subject and will post the messages on line soon.

My first answer is this. "The secret things belong to the Lord our God" Deut. 29:29. There are lots of secrets in our world. God is not obligated to explain everything. He doesn't have to tell those secrets. We probably would not understand even if He did explain! ! !

Verse 29 says that some things are revealed and some things are concealed (secret). What is revealed I must obey and what is concealed I must trust.

The entire Christian life can be explained in two words. TRUST AND OBEY.

We are waiting and praying for direction to take a team to Haiti. Do you want to go with us?