New Road


Face Your Fear-Take a New Road This Year.

At the beginning of each year I seem to ask myself the same question.

"I wonder what will happen this new year?"

As I look back on 2009 many things did happen.

My sister-in-law after being sick all year long went home to heaven on Nov.13th. On that very same day our new granddaughter was born.

It was a new road.

Last year Cornerstone had a special year of being a servant church in many ways and God paid all our bills. YEAH!

It was a new road.

On our fall Baja Mission Trip one of our team members died the first day at camp and one of our other members almost had a life and death crisis when his artery burst. It could have been fatal.

It was a new road.

Every year is full of surprizes. However I remember what God says. "He will have no fear of bad news, his heart is stedfast, trusting in the Lord." Ps. 112:7

Faith in God takes the fear out of any bad news.

Yes the new year will be a new road to be sure. There will be the GOOD, BAD, and UGLY. But there will also be many really great wonderful surprizes of immense colossal joy.

We can expect a new road with turns, curves, detours, stop signs, and stuff! Included will also be breathtaking vistas with great mountain top experiences with God and other believers.

"All things work together for good" so don't be afraid of the new road.

Face Your Fear-Take a New Road This Year.

It will be an awesome ride.