Christmas Oxymoron


As usual Jesus is once again left out of Christmas.

Every year it is the same. No Christ in Christmas. No good news as the Angels announced. Nothing about the Lord in this another so called HOLIDAY.

For so many people they celebrate a "pagan holiday" That's "godless holy day"

If there ever was an oxymoron it is this "an unholy holy day without God" Well that's our disfunctional irreligious society. Can you wish someone a happy unholy day with God voided out of existence?

What do people do with a"god-less holy-day" ?? That kind of Un-Christmas makes no sense.

There is nothing to celebrate. But it happens every year. Celebrating for Zero reasons. A Zero is nothing with the edges rubbed out and worthless.

So in our intelllectual highly educated world, people "Celebrate without the Celebrity" Yes that's right a party for no one. A massive honoring ceremony but the guest of honor is avoided and in the name of political correctness shunned as inappropriate to even mention his name lest someone might be offended.

We shall avoid the oxymoron. We celebrate with purpose. We honor the Celebrity and call Him by name. The name above every name. The name by which every knee shall bow in heaven and earth.

Help us at Cornerstone to keep Christ in Christmas. Make it a "Godly Holy Day". Let's make sure that we give Him the gifts that He deserves. The gifts of devotion, sacrifice, and service.

We should also make sure that we receive the gifts He has to give us this Christmas. His gifts are the personal gifts of PEACE,JOY, LOVE, SALVATION.

Have a blessed Holy Day with Christ in Christmas.