Lodi Had A Storm


It happened Tues. Oct.13th.

We had high winds all day at a sustained 40 mph. There was also 2-3 inches of rain in one day. Many trees were broken uprooted and split. Gutters were clogged and drains were filled with debris.

Many people were without power and waited long hours to get lights returned to normal.

It was a very bad storm!!!!!

But....not like the tsunami in Thailand a few years ago.

But.... not like the recent typhoon in the South Pacific.

But ....not like the Oakland Firestorm.

But.... not like Katrina in New Orleans.

When we remember how bad the other storms were we can certainly give thanks for our Lodi storm.

Many people were killed in the other storms but none in Lodi. Thank you Lord for our storm.

Many homes were lost in the other storms. Thank you Lord for our storm.

Many people lost everything in the other storms. Thank you Lord for our Lodi storm.

When we see the big picture.... suddenly our storm was really really great.

"In everything give thanks...." O.K. GOD I'M VERY THANKFUL.