Jury Duty


Oh, No, not again! ! ! It seems like yesterday and now--- they sent me my letter of doom again! You know how it goes----- two boring days sitting in the basement of the Jury Room doing nothing but reading year old magazines.

This is a terrible waste of time, MY TIME. I hate going to court waiting for the attorney to interrogate each and every candidate about their personal views justice. If you don't answer correctly, then sometimes it means a lecture on the correct answer.

Can't they find someone else to do this awful and horrible job? I'm too busy to serve!

I don't like being around this criminal element of society.

So each year I go through the same old complaints of resistence and bitter rancor.

It reminds me of how we believers act when God asks us to serve Him. I guess we could call it "DISCIPLE DUTY".

Oh, No, I've got to serve God again. He wants me to lead a class, work with Jr. Hi. kids or help on the clean up crew.

Why do we often react at the word "service" or"servant"??

It is the greatest blesing in the world to serve God.

Jesus was a servant and so are we today. When you and I do it with a wholehearted gratitude then it pays off with great joy.

Next time you get asked to serve try it with joy and you will see the wonderful difference.

So have fun serving Him today.