In Baja on our recent mission trip we learned boldness. There were ten on our team.

Only nine came back.

One of our beloved members was called home to heaven while we were all there at home base of IDT.

He was bold in going with us. He was 84 years young and loved the Baja mission ministry so very much. Our team had to be bold in the shock of letting him go while staying on to complete our work we were called to do.

We will greatly miss our special friend, Warren Moten. We are glad he is now in the great presence of Almighty God.

The entire trip was one requiring boldness.

It took boldness to cross the border. It took boldness on Hwy. 1 in Baja. That 2 lane road was laden with 100's of 18 wheelers speeding over mountain roads at 60 mph around blind double yellow lines. We became bold in faith to survive with them.

We became bold in the unknown's. Everyday our schedule got changed and we had to adapt, give up plans, and adopt new ones. The key word in missions is FLEXIBILITY.

King David said "You make me bold" He meant GOD of course! God alone makes me bold.

Our team went to Baja and came home a little more bold.

What are you facing? Hang onto God and He will make you as bold as a lion. See Prov.28:1