S.f. Seals


Oh, what a sight!! Two thousand seals docked together on platforms in the bay at Pier 39.

We were there a few days ago. I knew the seals were in town. I could smell them long before we could even see them.

You have no idea what 2000 seals smell like.

Imagine hot steamy bodies and rotten garbage together. Combine the smell of animal sweat on a hot day with tons of garbage and animal gas and then you have a small idea!

What were all these blubbery things doing? NOTHING! Just laying in the hot sun. Thier bodies were packed together and they were just taking up space nose to nose and flipper to flipper.

Idle seals are amazing to look at. You would almost guess they were sick or dead. They smelled like they were dead except for the grunts and groans.

Somehow I imagined this could possibly be a picture of Christians. You know---- Lazy---Taking up space, Doing nothing at all---grunting and complaining about everything.

Sometimes we can smell pretty bad too, especially about grumbling and criticising others. Do you suppose God ever has to hold His nose because we stink to high heaven?

Lord, Help me to never become a lazy, smelly complaing, stinker.