I've Ordered Hearing Aids!


Yes - no one wants to admit it but they say confession is good for the soul.

So the next time you see me I may be connected in both ears.

Pam accuses me of selective hearing - well not anymore!

My sweet soft high voice friends - can't get away with it anymore. I will hear every word they say.

My hearing specialist is tuning me in so I can hear a "pin drop".

Yes, even in the car with road noise off the rough pavement, I will hear every word, even from the back seat.

Hearing has its special blessings. I won't have to say "Huh? Can you repeat that again?"

But there are disadvantages too. Commercials, complaining friends, snoring dogs, and telephone salesmen. (I can't say, "sorry I can't hear you - click")

People of all ages often need hearing aids. Sometimes even children and teens. Definitely rock musicians and seniors too.

But there is one person who never needs hearing aids.


He hears us before we speak, before we pray, before we even form the words in our brain.

Psalm 139:4, 7 "Before a word is on my tongue, you know it completely O Lord. Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence?"

No hiding secrets from God. No obscure thoughts from Him and nothing in the closet with God.

"Search me O God and know my heart, test me and know my anxious thoughts" vs. 23

The Bible also says "Before you speak I will answer".

God doesn't need hearing aids. So go ahead, be honest and tell Him what's bothering you. He will definitely listen. Ask Him for His way to deal with whatever it is and He will not only hear you but also answer you.