Old Friends


On our most recent vacation our whole family was together in Kauai. The islands are about 2600 miles out to sea from the mainland.

On the way over, I said to Pam, "I wonder if we will meet anyone we know". Pam responded, "Well not many people go to the north end of the island, so I doubt it."

On one of our day trips while standing in line for food, guess what? Yes, old friends, probably 10 years removed from our last visit with them. It was a fun and exciting surprise to catch up and see their kids now grown up.

But even more! Our daughter and husband also met old friends from Chico.

Plus, add this! Our son and wife in addition, met old friends from Nevada City. Three reunions 2600 miles out to sea. It is wonderful to meet old friends.

I can hardly wait to meet old friends some day in heaven. We will have a great surprise with plenty of time (eternity) to catch up with all the news with many old friends.

Pam and I have lived in many places and served quite a few churches. What a joy meeting them all again.

Of course no one can compare to the greatest Friend! He is at the top of the list and head of the line.

I hope you are excited about the greatest reunion in the sky. It will be a great reception that will never end.