My Prius Broke Down


I thought those 50 mpg machines never wore out. Well, nothing is perfect and one day last week it died.

Pam and I were in Stockton and the car wouldn't start. It had strange symptoms, like flashing lights on the dashboard and a warning sign on the GPS that stated press the parking brake.

So I did what every Senior Pastor does when they need help. I called on my associate and Youth Pastor Mark. "Can you come and give me a jump start on this dead car?"

Mark and Sasha showed up in 15 minutes, but even Mark couldn't get the fancy computer driven hybrid to awaken from its death sleep.

So I called "tow truck ambulance service" to take her to the ER in hopes that the car doctor could cure the automotive malady.

Pam and I offered our prayers for healing with the fear that financial charges would be worse than funeral service. In my fears I imagined a $2000.00 hybrid extensive battery plus about the same for labor charges. Oh no, Lord, not "killer charges".

The car doctor received this sick patient about 3 p.m. and I prayed. Lord this car belongs to You and our money belongs to You, if You want Your money spent on Your car it's up to You.

At 5 p.m the car doctor called "The patient is ready to go home now. She is all well. It wasn't the big expensive battery but only the little tiny battery that had died."

Well, thank you Lord, You answered another really big prayer and this time so quickly!

So the cost was only a fraction of what I had feared. Oh what a relief!

Slowly I am learning to trust first instead of fear first. I hope you are also.