What do you do to get renewed?

Renewal comes in many forms but it is best when renewal comes from God.

Elijah ran away when he was burned out. He was ready to throw in the towel but God met him on the mountainside and spoke to him in a "still small voice". It was a quiet renewal but all very powerful.

I get renewed by getting away with God. Small renewals come to me on a regular basis when I jog three times a week and talk to God. Sometimes it is more like listening to God. Often I come home with fresh ideas and inspiration just after 30 minutes of exercise along the streets or the water canal.

Jesus renewed Himself from the stress of pressure, people, miracles, conflicts and attacks. He got up early in the morning to commune alone with His heavenly Father.

Make time and take time for renewal. Everyone needs to slow down and take a break. Pam and I will be taking a break July 14-22. It is a family reunion with all 13 members coming together. This includes our three children and spouses and all five grandkids plus a new little girl, Siena, who will be born in November. We are looking forward to a great reunion with family and God.

I hope you make time this summer to also get renewed with the Lord and all your family members.