Recently I was jogging down Lower Sac. Rd and at the corner of Vine St. I came to the strawberry field.

What a wonderfull fragrance!

It was so strong I just wanted to stop and pick a few berries of my own. I could smell them a mile away (as the saying goes).

Starbucks. OK, now you know I love going into that decadent place. Just let me smell the deep rich wonderful aroma of the coffee bean. It is revitalizing, Wow!

Everything has an aroma!

Remember the H.S. locker room? the spring...on a hot day...with no air conditioning...? I can still smell the dirty gym clothes inside my locker. And why not?... They were seldom washed.

Alongside our walkway at home going into our house is a row on both sides of "angel face" roses. Now there is a beautiful aroma of angelic proportions. They uplift me everytime I pass.

However, things are a little different as we drive along Armstrong Rd. You know going passed the dairy. WHOA! now that fragrance is a smell you won't forget. It gets stuck in my nostrils and won't quit.

Everything and everyone has an aroma, fragrance or odor.

What do you smell like? Fragrance or Odor?

The Bible says Jesus was a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God. (EPH.5:2) His sacrificial love and selflessness was beautiful. His fragrant example of dedication,service, commitment and grace was so sweet and desirable.

Ap. Paul wrote "be imitators of God".

Lord help me to smell like Jesus to other people. I want to be an angel face rose and not an animal on Armstrong Rd.