"real Life Perspective"


Our plane was diverted from Wash. D.C. to Harrisburg Pa..

The pilot said he had instrument landing problems. The D.C. airport had low lying clouds that required the use of electronic landing instruments to get us safely to the ground. Since he couldn't see the runway he needed to dirvert to Harrisburg which had a clear landing site.

Of course no one objected but our flight was greatly delayed until finally the problem could be rectified.

When we finally returned later that evening to the D.C. airport we were grateful the Sacramento flight did not go without us. By no means! It too was delayed. Yes really delayed. Hour after hour we waited and waited.

Two and one half hours later we finally boarded for home.

We had a very long day. It began about 6 A.M. that morning and we ultimately pulled into our own driveway at 5:30 A.M. (EST).

Yes we were tired but there was little or no grumbling from us. God put the long journey into "real life perspective". This is the reason.

My sister-in-law in South Carolina is under going chemotherapy for a life threatening cancer. We hurt for her and her family deeply.

Also when we arrived my bro-in-law was in trouble on the river. He had a near death (fear death) experience. We are very thankful for his safety after 10 hours on the river.

In addition to all that drama, we learned of the Air France tragedy off the coast of Brazil. What a shock that was to everyone.

Pam and I today thank God for safe travel even if it was delayed. We also thank God for good health and strong bodies which God has given to us.

Today we have a "real life perspective" and are very grateful.