Here is a great quote from Dr. Del Tackett !

"Do you really believe that what you believe is really real?"

It is not what I say but what I obey that shows what I really believe.

Do I Believe: Heaven is real but so is Hell?

If so then I will prepare for heaven and live to please the God of heaven while avoid pleasing the god of hell.

"Dear God, help my life to reflect my genuine belief in the rewards of heaven and the judgments of hell."

Do I really believe: that without faith it is impossible to please God?

This is a most basic premise in the Bible. I must live like I believe it!!!

"Dear God, help me to look at daily activities, events, problems and surprises as an act of faith. I want to approach everything by applying faith. I believe in living by faith so help me to do so each moment of the day".

We can all take a great stride of maturity by really believing what we claim to believe.