Our dog has bad breath. Sometimes it's OK but other times it is NOT!

When we leave him alone in the laundry room for a few hours and then come home and open the door the "fragrance" is overwhelming. His breath does not please his master.

Sometimes people have halitosis too! What I mean is their spiritual life really "STINKS". To look at them and watch them everything is fine. But... when they open their mouth what comes out really stinks.

Beautiful people can spoil their looks by what they say.

Talented people can contaminate their charactor by unhealthy words.

Christian people can destroy their testimony because of "spiritual halitosis".

Now we have an appointment with our veteranarian for an important dental clean up so our dog will be acceptable in our house and before his master.

I guess the great lesson is ... do we have a clean mouth that is acceptable before our Master?